A Modest Proposal About Ways to Reach Conservative Goals
Over the Next Decade

(Revised August 15, 2014)

A promising path for Maryland conservatives would be to start a well-funded movement: a kind of civic improvement league, known as "Free Maryland."

Its primary purpose would be to advance conservative policies on the Maryland and local levels -- bearing in mind that many such policies would require changes in (or defunding of) national legislation.

This organization would constantly be running inexpensive media and doing well-selected “shadow hearings” (and local demonstrations), throughout the Old Line State.

Free Maryland’s activities would not be limited to election years; or even to supporting candidates. Candidate support would depend on what kind of PAC organization (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_Action_Committee#Super_PACs) it might choose.

But just a sample of their initiatives would range from tracking collective-bargaining negotiations with public employee unions, to highlighting questionable taxpayer-supported public education activities from K-16, to producing action papers on fiscal matters (including safeguarding property rights).

There are likely 30,000 Maryland conservatives of all political flavors, Republicans, Reagan Democrats, Tea Partiers, independents who might come up with $100 apiece to kick off such an effort -- and would give more if they begin to see results.

What would be needed to begin with is a well-known Maryland conservative with sound judgment who would act as that movement's public face.

In any event, most money should come from a large number of donors in modest packets, donors to whom the organization can always return for additional help when the organization shows results.

The organization should focus on the conservative triad:

  • Traditional values -- much more than abortion -- such as reforming taxpayer-supported school curricula from K through 16;
  • Fiscal reform -- more than lower taxes -- such as rolling back prosperity-killing regulation by state and local government. In short, Free Maryland would espouse a pro-market, but not a so-called "pro-business" or "crony-capitalist," agenda;
  • A strong national defense -- including homeland defense -- which is where the whole Shariah and borders-enforcement concerns come into play. 

So-called "single-issue” groups —“all I care about are high taxes” or “gun rights” or “traditional marriage” or “amnesty” -- pursue a path to irrelevance if they will not work together with other conservatives.

We should not stand apart--but instead heed the wry observation of Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, "We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."

– Richard Falknor, revised 8.15.2014, richardfalknor@roadstarinternet.net 540.554.2964