Email from melanie oubre
July 18, 2013

Dear NumbersUSA Activists,

Congress is about to take off for its longest break of the year: August Recess. From August 3rd through September 8th, your Representative will be back in the District and should be available to hear your thoughts on immigration.

As you know, the massive amnesty and worker importation bill passed the Senate last month. Now, Republican House Leadership is very interested in passing their own amnesty bill.

The House Gang of 7 announced this week it will delay the introduction of its 500 page amnesty bill. The Politico article on the news mentions this:

Multiple sources described the thinking as this: Unveiling the bill now, shortly before the August recess, would leave the House group little time to educate the public and fellow me mbers about its bill before lawmakers head home to their districts for the month-long break. It could also potentially open up the bill to attack without defenders.

Well, this sounds familiar! Yet again lawmakers know that the American public will not like their plan so they are going to do all they can to avoid constituents.

President Obama admitted this week that his August deadline to pass amnesty will not be met. Chairman Goodlatte also said this week that the immigration debate will "absolutely" extend into Fall and possibly 2014. This slower moving pace means the public is more likely to understand the policies at hand, which pro-amnesty forces do not want.

Senator McCain admitted yesterday that this is bad for their side, conceding to reporters: "We're not winning this fight."

If you haven't started thinking about your activism plans for August yet, now is the time. Politico reported this in its article "Immigration could hinge on August recess":

The White House and its immigration reform allies are banking on the August recess as their next - and possibly last - major opportunity to compel House Republicans to act. They realize they must make progress in the next month to stand any chance of keeping the issue alive into the fall.

Please read this very important story here and note that it ONLY talks about pro-amnesty pressure in August. It assumes that House Republicans will be hearing just one side of the argument over recess.

As if we would let that happen!

Town halls will be abundant during August. I will be sending alerts for all the meetings of which I am aware. Please continue to check your Action Board for meetings also. This is where you can RSVP for town halls and give us feedback from the meetings.

Unfortunately, many of you have a Representative who will not hold a town hall. A study came out this month that found a measly 40% of Congressional Members hold town halls in August!

If this is the case for your Member of Congress, here's what you can do: a Meeting with your Rep!

                     To make sure that your Representative knows where you stand, we suggest you make an appointment to meet your Member of Congress.

                     Call his/her District office TODAY to get your name on the list. The chances of getting a meeting with your Representative are much greater if you call weeks in advance.

 Contact your Rep

or click

Please do not be nervous about attending a meeting (heck, illegal alien activists do it all of the time). NumbersUSA will get you all of the materials you need to have a successful and persuasive meeting. We can also recruit other activists to accompany you.

When setting up a meeting, be clear in your reason. You are a Catholic/ business owner/ unemployed/ student/ veteran, etc. against amnesty and massive foreign worker importation. Make sure to be courteous to the staffer!

During town halls, meetings with Reps. or staff, these should be your main points:

Let me make this clear: Congressmen just saying they are against the Senate bill is NOT enough. The politics of this fight are much more complicated than that. Passing a DREAM Act-like amnesty is exactly what Sen. Chuck Schumer needs to ram through a blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens.

Do all you can to be pro-American, pro-enforcement, and pro-immigrant when speaking. People will try to paint you as anti-everything. That is not where we stand.

The upcoming DREAM Act bill in the House gives DREAMers a chance to become American but it does nothing to stop another wave of DREAMers being brought here as children and forced to live in the shadows in the only country they have ever known. It is Congress' duty to make sure that children are never put in this position again. The way to do this is to secure the border, have strong interior enforcement, and take away the incentives that draw illegal aliens to our country. Congress must also address chain migration- a flawed policy that aids illegal immigration.

During town hall meetings, it is almost guaranteed that you will hear this from other attendees: "Americans don't want these jobs. I cannot find legal workers to fill these jobs, etc." Don't be afraid to call them out! Find out the U-6 unemployment figures in your state and make sure they don't get away with the labor shortage farce. Also, mention that wages have been stagnant in this country for 30 years. One cannot argue a labor shortage exists when wages have not increased at all! Americans will do those jobs if they are paid a fair wage.

Find your state's U-6 figures here and your state's population here. We suggest you reference the actual number of unemployed and underemployed in your state.

Ex: Alabama's U-6 unemployment rate is 13.5%. The population of Alabama is 4.82 million. The number of people in the state who are under/unemployed is 650,000!

Keep track of your Congress Member by signing up for his/her newsletter, and following him/her on Facebook and Twitter. This is the easiest way to stay updated on your Rep.'s schedule and where a bouts during August.

Don't forget about the resources on our Stop Amnesty page.

The other side will be out in full force during August but the momentum is with us, clearly shown by the March for Jobs this week in DC! Keep fighting the good fight for America.

As always, please email me if you have an appointment scheduled, know of a town hall coming up, or have any questions:

Thank you so much for your time,